Reasons Behind Construction Fatality And Its Solutions

The construction work is basically dangerous and risky to one’s life. Some of the examples of this land-based work include house building, construction and repairing of roads, infrastructure maintenance, etc. And the ones who are involved in these kinds of tasks have to face the risk of losing their lives every day, as they have to go through a lot of challenges each day. They need to work with excavation, heights, tools and equipment, heavy machines, noise, and what not? Our countries are developing each day, technologically and infrastructure-wise, and these kinds of men are to be given credit for this development. But with this development, there is a stiff rise in the construction fatality rate over the past few years.


The major reasons behind these kinds of threats and death- traps include:

– Trapped in between objects

– Falls

– Electrocutions

– Getting collided by any strong object

These hazards are the prime reasons behind severe injuries and/or deaths of the workers of the construction sites all over the world. And this happens due to lack of proper training as well as administration and regulation of the site workers. The areas where these kinds of negligence are found are: monitoring safety, safety inspection and safety designs.


There are many teams, available in Australia, which provide training programs, like incident cause analysis method training, and business solutions to the construction and resource industries to provide a better and safe work place. They are a group of expertise who train the workers and employees so as to reduce the accident events and decrease the fatality rate.

They have their own online websites from where people can easily contact and get in touch with them and avail their services. These kinds of expert teams also specialise in providing good behavioural based safety programs, which includes:

– Major Accident Event Management

– Procedure Writing

– Short-terms Safety Professional Secondment

– Emergency Response management, coordination and training and so on.

The training on incident cause analysis covers two types of packages, which are,

– Leading and facilitating ICAM investigations

– Participating in ICAM investigations

With these kinds of training, the participants will get to learn doing the frontline supervision to inspect the workplace events and incidents.


1. Falling from heights is one of the major causes of injury as well as fatal injury in the construction world. And the workers who are not comfortable working in heights, who are not trained enough and old aged, have a big risk. Fall protection is required along with proper training to prevent the construction fatality rate from increasing.

2. Crashing of the motor vehicle is also another major hazard found on the construction sites. There are many employees who are not properly trained in using the big and heavy construction vehicles and it results in severe accidents.

3. Even if the workers are working on the ground, they are not safe. We often see open cables running across the road, and many workers tend to lose their life due to electric shock. Though this has reduced to certain extent after cable ramp equipment was invented.