Leaving Your Loved One For Business Trips

It is not often that guys feel bad for what they did. They certainly will not feel bad for their mistakes. If you genuinely feel like you were at mistake and you had ignored her, then you are on the right path to win her back. It is the females nature to crave for attention because most of the time they are missing the feeling special thing without someone doing something for them. If you had married her, you should have loved her enough to give her a lifetime commitment and start a family with her. So what went wrong? When you guys were in love, you should done a similar job still you would have found time to take her out, make her feel special and make her fall in love but now you do not have time for her?

If you are not going to treat your girl well, someone else might do it for you. You would have the rights to stop her or shout at her when she have decided everything with you is enough. She had her part of life with you and she does not feel anything. Then do not come crying to marriage counsellor that your girl is leaving you and tell all those stories about how you both were in love and now how she is leaving you. Think she is doing so much for you from food to your laundry and everything else. Some wife’s also go to a job. Why can’t you do something for her?

Hope the fear of her leaving you would want you to patch up things between both of you. Here are few steps to do.When you both wake up in the morning, make sure to kiss her and tell her good morning and a cheesy line like I have don’t have good record with choosing the best ones when I have to decide. You are one of my greatest best decision I made and I still wonder how I took such a nice decision! When you leave for long trips, order a bouquet online in Canberra and send it her along with a chocolate cake or some delicious food. When you are on your way back home, find floral bouquets online in Canberra and get some flower, good food and champagne and surprise her. Wine would be more apt for the situation. You should set reminder to wish her on her birthday, anniversary and other important days. Life can be made better only if you try to make it better.